Oil and Gas Safety Standards

Committed to Safety

DTC Energy Group is committed to protecting people, property and the natural environment. Implementation of these oil and gas safety standards is a management mandate.  It is the responsibility of every employee to adhere to and enforce these policies.

We believe compliance is implemented by individuals who lead by example. Our supervisors work diligently to enforce safety standards and make regulatory and safety compliance a top priority.

Committed to sharing the safety mission of our operators, DTC Energy Group is a proud member of ISNetworld and PEC.

PEC Oilfield Safety logo
ISN Oil and Gas Safety logo

Key Areas for HSE Compliance

  • Leadership and commitment by management
  • Monitoring and communication in the field
  • Education and training
  • Providing venues for our employees to address risk and communicate needs
  • Maintaining a safety manual as well as enforcing the standards of our operators

Our clients have additional peace of mind knowing that DTC Energy Group:

  • Always maintains insurance coverage that meets or exceeds its clients’ requirements.
  • Is in compliance with unemployment insurance and workers compensation insurance in all states it operates in.