DTC’s Talamantez Talks Drilling Technology with Marketplace

In a recent article on Marketplace, DTC Energy Group Drilling Supervisor Pablo Talamantez, who contracts with Fasken Oil and Ranch, discusses drilling technology and data analysis with reporter Andy Uhler.

Talamantez has been working in the oil and gas industry for 25 years, primarily in the Permian Basin. He has seen major advancements in drilling technology throughout his career.

Uhler’s article explores how technology and remote sensing are changing the nature of oilfield jobs.

“Drilling oil wells today still involves dirt and sweat, installing rigs in muddy fields,” Uhler states. “But there are also more jobs at desks, checking systems remotely by computer. That’s good because it’s hard enough to attract workers, and Midland’s labor market is tight. Technology makes the jobs an easier sell.”