Oilfield Consultant Job Market 2018

For the past year or so, we’ve seen steady growth in the oilfield consultant job market following the 2015 downturn in the oil and gas industry. Oil prices have been steadily climbing, while rig counts continue to rise. Many oilfield workers who were laid off during the downturn have returned to work. However, there are many more still looking for jobs. Competition remains extremely tight for oilfield consultant positions.

At DTC Energy, we’ve seen significant changes in the oilfield consultant job market. Many operators went through major changes during the downturn, adapting to lower oil prices by making innovations in both field and business operations. They’ve cut costs while maintaining productivity. Many are focusing on improving current operations rather than expansion.

With these adaptations, we are seeing a shift in what operators are looking for in oilfield consultants and how they make hiring decisions. Hiring managers are becoming more diverse in what they’re looking for in terms of experience and personality. They have unique and often very specific requirements for the individuals they recruit. In the current market, having the most experience doesn’t necessarily put a candidate at the top of the hiring list. Many hiring managers also seem to be utilizing networking and referrals more frequently as well.

DTC Energy takes great pride in having the best consultant network in the country. Our recruiting reach spans across the nation and taps into a significantly broad range of talent and experience. We serve many major operators throughout the U.S. and have hundreds of consultants working nationwide. We strongly encourage job seekers to expand their own marketability and connect their own personal network with ours.

oilfield consultant job market

Build connections with oilfield consultants who are currently working

Social networking is becoming increasingly important in our industry. Making connections with other consultants who are currently working and maintaining those relationships can significantly help get a foot in the door. Online social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook can aid in reaching out to former coworkers and building new connections. Getting involved in oilfield organizations and events can be beneficial as well. Check for local petroleum clubs in your area or join organizations such as the Society of Petroleum Engineers. Participate in their local golf tournaments, sporting clays tournaments or fishing derbies.

oilfield consultant resume tips

Polish up your resume

DTC invests time into our candidates’ resumes, ensuring they are showcasing their qualifications and talents in the best way. However, we strongly encourage all applicants to review our Resume Guidelines and make sure you’re following best practices. Focus on the last 15 years of relevant industry experience highlighting your most recent qualifications and achievements. Anything past 20 years should be condensed and bullet-pointed. Be sure to check out our Oilfield Consultant Resume Tips.